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SPUC::viterbi Class Reference
[Communication ClassesForward Error Correcting Codes]

A Viterbi decoder (for DVB). More...

#include <viterbi.h>

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Public Member Functions

 viterbi ()
void reset ()
bool clock (long value)
bool decode (long s0, long s1)
void minimize_metrics ()
bool depuncture (const long steal, long soft_in)

Public Attributes

bool decoded
bool enable_output
bool output_ready
long prev_value
viterbi_state state0 [64]
viterbi_state state1 [64]
viterbi_state * state
viterbi_state * next
int bitcnt
int beststate
long depuncture_bit_number
bool phase

Detailed Description

A Viterbi decoder (for DVB).

Tony Kirke, Copyright(c) 2001

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::viterbi::viterbi  )  [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

bool SPUC::viterbi::clock long  value  )  [inline]

Here is the call graph for this function:

bool viterbi::decode long  s0,
long  s1

bool viterbi::depuncture const long  steal,
long  soft_in

void SPUC::viterbi::minimize_metrics  )  [inline]

void SPUC::viterbi::reset void   )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int SPUC::viterbi::beststate

int SPUC::viterbi::bitcnt

bool SPUC::viterbi::decoded

long SPUC::viterbi::depuncture_bit_number

bool SPUC::viterbi::enable_output

viterbi_state * SPUC::viterbi::next

bool SPUC::viterbi::output_ready

bool SPUC::viterbi::phase

long SPUC::viterbi::prev_value

viterbi_state * SPUC::viterbi::state

viterbi_state SPUC::viterbi::state0[64]

viterbi_state SPUC::viterbi::state1[64]

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