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SPUC::timing_nco Class Reference
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A NCO for symbol recovery in a variable rate QPSK receiver. More...

#include <timing_nco.h>

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Public Member Functions

 timing_nco (void)
void set_frequency (unsigned long freq)
void reset_frequency (unsigned long freq)
double get_off1 (void)
double get_off2 (void)
long get_phase1 (void)
long get_phase2 (void)
long run (long loop_filter_out=0, int load=1)
signed long residual_phase (signed long acc_value)

Protected Attributes

signed long resid1
signed long acc
unsigned long fcw
unsigned long new_fcw
signed long phase1
signed long phase2
signed long new_phase
long sample2

Detailed Description

A NCO for symbol recovery in a variable rate QPSK receiver.

Since interpolation is being done, either one or two samples must be calculated on each update. When sample2 is true, there are 2 samples available.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::timing_nco::timing_nco void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

double SPUC::timing_nco::get_off1 void   )  [inline]

double SPUC::timing_nco::get_off2 void   )  [inline]

long SPUC::timing_nco::get_phase1 void   )  [inline]

long SPUC::timing_nco::get_phase2 void   )  [inline]

void SPUC::timing_nco::reset_frequency unsigned long  freq  )  [inline]

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::residual_phase signed long  acc_value  ) 

long SPUC::timing_nco::run long  loop_filter_out = 0,
int  load = 1

void SPUC::timing_nco::set_frequency unsigned long  freq  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::acc [protected]

unsigned long SPUC::timing_nco::fcw [protected]

unsigned long SPUC::timing_nco::new_fcw [protected]

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::new_phase [protected]

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::phase1 [protected]

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::phase2 [protected]

signed long SPUC::timing_nco::resid1 [protected]

long SPUC::timing_nco::sample2 [protected]

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