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SPUC::quad_data Class Reference
[Communication Classes]

Class for QPSK data using a root raised cosine transmit filter. More...

#include <quad_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 quad_data (int total_over)
complex< double > get_fir_output (void)
complex< double > get_sample (double timing_inc)
void set_initial_offset (double timing_init)

Public Attributes

int symbols
int over
max_pn pn_i
max_pn pn_q
lagrange< complex< double > > interp
fir_interp< complex< double > > rcfir
complex< double > data
double prev_timing_offset

Detailed Description

Class for QPSK data using a root raised cosine transmit filter.

Tony Kirke, Copyright(c) 2001

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::quad_data::quad_data int  total_over  ) 

Member Function Documentation

complex< double > SPUC::quad_data::get_fir_output void   ) 

complex< double > SPUC::quad_data::get_sample double  timing_inc  ) 

void SPUC::quad_data::set_initial_offset double  timing_init  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

complex<double> SPUC::quad_data::data

lagrange<complex<double> > SPUC::quad_data::interp

int SPUC::quad_data::over

max_pn SPUC::quad_data::pn_i

max_pn SPUC::quad_data::pn_q

double SPUC::quad_data::prev_timing_offset

fir_interp<complex<double> > SPUC::quad_data::rcfir

int SPUC::quad_data::symbols

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