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SPUC::elliptic Class Reference
[IIR filters]

Template Class for Elliptic low pass iir filter. More...

#include <elliptic.h>

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Public Member Functions

 elliptic (double fcd, long ord=1, double stopattn=60.0, double ripple=0.1)
 ~elliptic ()
void reset ()
 Reset history.
void print ()
 print coefficients
double clock (double in)
 Clock in sample and get output.

Detailed Description

Template Class for Elliptic low pass iir filter.

Elliptic low pass filter. Specify cut-off, order and stopband attenuation and passband ripple on construction Filter is bilinear transformation of analog Elliptic

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::elliptic::elliptic double  fcd,
long  ord = 1,
double  stopattn = 60.0,
double  ripple = 0.1

Constructor, fcd = cut-off (1=sampling rate) ord = Filter order stopattn = stopband attenuation ripple in dB ripple = passband ripple in dB

SPUC::elliptic::~elliptic  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

double SPUC::elliptic::clock double  in  ) 

Clock in sample and get output.

void SPUC::elliptic::print  ) 

print coefficients

void SPUC::elliptic::reset  ) 

Reset history.

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