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SPUC::dqpsk Class Reference
[Communication Classes]

Differential QPSK encoder/decoder. More...

#include <dqpsk.h>

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Public Member Functions

 dqpsk ()
complex< long > encode (complex< long > c)
complex< long > decode (complex< long > c)
complex< long > convbits (int sym)
int qpsk_sym (complex< long > c)

Public Attributes

int datbase [4][4]
int previous_encoded_symbol
int previous_decoded_symbol

Detailed Description

Differential QPSK encoder/decoder.

Differential encoding/decoding of QPSK Encode/Decode the input bits into quaternary qpsk format

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::dqpsk::dqpsk  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

complex<long> SPUC::dqpsk::convbits int  sym  )  [inline]

Convert integer symbol (0-3) back to binary pair

complex<long> SPUC::dqpsk::decode complex< long >  c  )  [inline]

Differential decoder

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complex<long> SPUC::dqpsk::encode complex< long >  c  )  [inline]

Call qpsk_sym to get equivalent symbol value (0-3) of current input bit pair Get current output symbol (0-3) from encoding data base[curr symbol][prev encoded symbol] Call convbits to convert current encoded symbol to bit pair Previous encoded symbol = current encoded symbol

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int SPUC::dqpsk::qpsk_sym complex< long >  c  )  [inline]

Encode bit pair into integer value from 0 to 3 and return symbol

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Member Data Documentation

int SPUC::dqpsk::datbase[4][4]

int SPUC::dqpsk::previous_decoded_symbol

int SPUC::dqpsk::previous_encoded_symbol

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