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SPUC::BCH Class Reference
[Forward Error Correcting Codes]

Class for binary, narrow-sense BCH codes. More...

#include <bch.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BCH (int in_n, int in_k, int in_t, ivec genpolynom)
 Initialize a (n,k)-code that can correct t errors.
bvec encode (const bvec &uncodedbits)
 Encode a bvec of indata.
bvec decode (const bvec &codedbits)
 Decode a bvec of coded data.
double get_rate ()
 Get the code rate.

Detailed Description

Class for binary, narrow-sense BCH codes.

The notation used is found in S. B. Wicker, "Error control systems for digital communication and storage", Appendix E, Prentice-Hall, 1995.


 BCH bch(31,21,2,"3551") 
uses the generator polynomial $g(x) = x^{10} + x^9 + x^8 + x^6 + x^5 + x^3 + 1$ , and is capable of correcting 2 errors with n = 31 and k = 21.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BCH::BCH int  in_n,
int  in_k,
int  in_t,
ivec  genpolynom

Initialize a (n,k)-code that can correct t errors.

Member Function Documentation

bvec BCH::decode const bvec &  codedbits  ) 

Decode a bvec of coded data.

bvec BCH::encode const bvec &  uncodedbits  ) 

Encode a bvec of indata.

double SPUC::BCH::get_rate  )  [inline]

Get the code rate.

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