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SPUC::sim_qpsk Class Reference
[Simulation Classes]

A Class for simulating a QPSK system. More...

#include <sim_qpsk.h>

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Public Member Functions

 sim_qpsk (void)
void loop_init (double actual_over, double time_offset=0, long adj=0)
void step (void)
void loop_end (void)

Public Attributes

long num
double var
double snr
double timing_offset
long total_over
complex< double > base
complex< double > main
complex< double > b_noise
complex< long > adc_out
long rcv_symbols
long count
 Number of symbols decoded.
double resample_over
 index of sample number at input rate
double nominal_scale
double actual_over
double tx_time_inc
int rc_delay
long symbol_nco_word

Detailed Description

A Class for simulating a QPSK system.

A Class for simulating a QPSK system that includes transmitters, receivers, A/D, frequency offsets, gaussian noise, and a BER tester

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::sim_qpsk::sim_qpsk void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void SPUC::sim_qpsk::loop_end void   ) 

void SPUC::sim_qpsk::loop_init double  actual_over,
double  time_offset = 0,
long  adj = 0

void SPUC::sim_qpsk::step void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::actual_over

a_d* SPUC::sim_qpsk::ADC

complex<long> SPUC::sim_qpsk::adc_out

complex<double> SPUC::sim_qpsk::b_noise

complex<double> SPUC::sim_qpsk::base

qpsk_ber_test* SPUC::sim_qpsk::BER_mon

long SPUC::sim_qpsk::count

Number of symbols decoded.

vco* SPUC::sim_qpsk::freq_offset

complex<double> SPUC::sim_qpsk::main

noise* SPUC::sim_qpsk::n

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::nominal_scale

long SPUC::sim_qpsk::num

int SPUC::sim_qpsk::rc_delay

long SPUC::sim_qpsk::rcv_symbols

qpsk* SPUC::sim_qpsk::RECEIVER

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::resample_over

index of sample number at input rate

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::snr

long SPUC::sim_qpsk::symbol_nco_word

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::timing_offset

long SPUC::sim_qpsk::total_over

quad_data* SPUC::sim_qpsk::tx_data_source

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::tx_time_inc

double SPUC::sim_qpsk::var

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