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SPUC::resampler Class Reference

A resampling block using interpolator, halfband filter and NCO. More...

#include <resampler.h>

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Public Member Functions

complex< long > update (complex< long > input_data, long symbol_loop, long sym_clk)
 Halfband filter (decimate by 2).
 resampler (void)

Public Attributes

long ready
long sample2
lagrange< complex< long > > interp
timing_nco symbol_nco
complex< long > resampled
 Symbol NCO.
cmplx_allpass_halfband half

Detailed Description

A resampling block using interpolator, halfband filter and NCO.

Resampling block This class uses an interpolator a halfband filter (for decimating by 2) and a NCO samples are input with each call to update, but output samples are available when the ready bit is set The halfband filter is a simple IIR filter based on two first order allpass filters. The interpolator is a Lagrange interpolating FIR

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SPUC::resampler::resampler void   )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

complex< long > SPUC::resampler::update complex< long >  input_data,
long  symbol_loop,
long  sym_clk

Halfband filter (decimate by 2).

Member Data Documentation

cmplx_allpass_halfband SPUC::resampler::half

lagrange<complex<long> > SPUC::resampler::interp

long SPUC::resampler::ready

complex<long> SPUC::resampler::resampled

Symbol NCO.

long SPUC::resampler::sample2

timing_nco SPUC::resampler::symbol_nco

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