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SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code Member List

This is the complete list of members for SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code, including all inherited members.

encode(const bvec &input, bmat &parity_bits)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
encode_tail(const bvec &input, bvec &tail, bmat &parity_bits)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
log_decode(const vec &rec_systematic, const mat &rec_parity, const vec &extrinsic_input, vec &extrinsic_output, bool set_terminated=false, string metric="LOGMAX")SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
log_decode_n2(const vec &rec_systematic, const vec &rec_parity, const vec &extrinsic_input, vec &extrinsic_output, bool in_terminated=false, string metric="LOGMAX")SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
map_decode(const vec &rec_systematic, const mat &rec_parity, const vec &extrinsic_input, vec &extrinsic_output, bool set_terminated=false)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
Rec_Syst_Conv_Code(void)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code [inline]
set_awgn_channel_parameters(double in_Ec, double in_N0)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
set_generator_polynomials(const ivec &gen, int constraint_length)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code
set_scaling_factor(double in_Lc)SPUC::Rec_Syst_Conv_Code

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